Rogue Diplomats

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Whiskey Picnic


The Band:
Brian Donnelly (Guitar/Vocals)
Matthew Breiner (Bodhran/Vocals)
Patrick Marran (Bouzouki/Vocals)
Christine Scharf Breiner (Vocals)
Nate Diehl (Accordion)

Robyn Adele Anderson (Vocals)
Nyke Van Wyk (Fiddle)
Dan Weiss (Guitar)


Recorded at Virtue And Vice Studios in Brooklyn, NY.

Recorded/Mixed by: Anthony “Rocky” Gallo
Produced by: Christine Scharf Breiner & Dan Weiss
Arranged by: The Rogue Diplomats & Dan Weiss

Mastered by: Mike Kalajian at Rogue Planet Mastering
Album Art: Otto Von Beach
Graphic Design: Exothermic Design

Galway Hooker / by Patrick Marran
Come Out Ye Black And Tans / by Dominic Behan
Mechanical Copyright Protection Society Ltd.
Step It Out Mary / by Sean McCarthy
Copyright Morning Music (USA) Inc.
Old Brown Ale / by Patrick Marran




Executive Producers:
Cathy & Jerry Scharf
The Long Family
Jen & Mike Marran
Matthew R. Burns

Associate Producers:
Ann & Vic Berger
Mark & Beth Breiner
Marion Preuss

Special Thanks:

The Weiss Family

Katie & Maggie Donnelly

Michael Sean Cirelli

Tom & Marie Donnelly

Dave Scott

The Fawson Family

Morgan Denton

Holly Canally

Ozzie & Vicki Breiner

Daniel Marran

Daniel Marran

Matt Redline

Julia Donnelly

Kathleen & Jim Wright

Dave Scott

Lynn Welsh

Tom & Kate DelPizzo

Mike Staub & Amanda Mac

Maureen & Mickey Brown

Jacob Campbell

Leo J. Masse

Bill Vila

Julie Nunn

Ethan Scharf & Hillary Ammon

Ann & Tim Nonnemacher

Steph & Greg Ziegler

Mary & Stephen Tarnock

Devin Elting

Nancy Nase

Stephen Bauman

Rosemary & Tom Guirate

Jay & Jackie Coleman

Kevin & Gwen Donnelly

Shaun & Kate Hayes

Jonathan Nase

Robert Baillargeon

Kevin Blasi

Jay & Katrina Mills

Sara Conte

Omar Hanson

Matthew Elliott Wilson

Donna & Jim Foley

Sean Marran

Nancy Nase

Charlene Palmisano

Agnes Breiner

Scott & Rose Brantingson

Nik Magill

Rebecca Wright

Amy Gardner

Lauren Fanslau

Kathleen Oswalt

Marianne & Fred Smith

Mary Musselman

Heather & Will Gallagher

John Zrinzo

Andrew Lynn

Beth Falcone

Carol & Mitch Rabinowitz

Brent Landrum

Martha Battles

Tim Marran

Andrea Kostopolus

Katelyn Powers

Stephen J. Wignot

Meggan Gomez

William Downes

Nancy & Greg Funfgeld

Todd Baxley

Benjamin Breiner

Elona Kukaj

Jonathan Ifky

Michael Ifkovits

Joseph Casilio

Charlene Palmisano

Nate Brown

Tracy & Michael Viglione

Pamela Fatone

Kim Susens

Paul & Jennifer Ashley

Anne Goetz

Joanne Kelhart & Ted Rewak

Abigail Getty