Rogue Diplomats

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Doing jolly justice to the legends of Irish Music.” – Lehigh Valley Style Magazine

“Fittingly, Whiskey Picnic opens with a 26-second invitation to join the Rogue Diplomats for an old-school piss up. The quirky quintet from New York and Pennsylvania – made up of emerging and established musicians and showbiz professionals – takes no prisoners and makes no excuses on their terrific 11 track debut recording, rambling through classics like Galway Hooker, Mary Mac, Old Brown Ale, and Wild Rover like there is no tomorrow. Armed with guitars, accordions, tin whistles, bouzoukis and bodhráns, the young band rips and roars with an energy and enthusiasm that is only surpassed by their vibrant vocal harmonies. Fun, festive and full of frolic, the ‘Dips are sure bets to make every day seem like St. Paddy’s Day at your local Irish pub.” – Celtic Life International Magazine

“Delivered with style and talent. The vocals are clear and the whole album has the singalong enjoy-yourself feel which any good album of Irish music should have.” – Charles Martel, Music Emissions Review of Whiskey Picnic

Ignore the name. They are neither rogues nor diplomats; but they ARE a talented high energy group of entertainers suitable for any occasion except, possibly, a snooty, high society wedding. Or an AA meeting.” – Seamus Kennedy, Irish Entertainer